Sparks of Lyrical Truths Igniting

This book, SPARKS OF LYRICAL TRUTHS IGNITING, is unique, in that; it is a Total Collection of One Hundred and Seventy Six (176) Gospel Lyrics (for singing) of Gods’ truths, with a lively alluring twist in words, that will lead to excitement and enlightenment, in the studying of God’s word. This book can “Do” just what the title ‘SPARKS of LYRICAL TRUTHS IGNITING’ denotes, for a multiplicity of entities. Just to name a few people, and subject matters, that can and will be affected by this book: Vocalists; Musicians; Concerts; Plays; Skits; Movies; Television; Sermons; Seminars – stimulating themes & discussions; Training tools; Personal enrichment; Bible studies; Book club discussions; Leisure reading; Storytelling; Love; Healthy relationships; Good core values; Plus something for any and every individual or entity who needs Sparks of Lyrical (Poetic) Truths, to Ignite them in whatever avenue requiring a spark of light, to go forward! Yes! This book will serve ‘limitless purpose’, and is sure to provoke a swelling of the kingdom of God, worldwide. Amen! “Let us sing!”

Soul Stirring Song Snippets
(From: Sparks of Lyrical Truths Igniting)

Action Like the Ant

By God Jesus Who Is

Church Girl Not a Play Thing

God is Angry with the Wicked Every Day

Hallelujah Master Jesus You’re Great

Handpicked to Cry Against Evil 

Here God Catch My Burden

I Bring You Good Tidings

Justice and Righteousness Versus Wickedness

Kill Flesh Works to Live

Let Him Kiss Me

Merry Christmas Jesus with a Thrust

Power to Help and Bring Down

Pride Shall Bring You Low

Red Sea Miracle

Regenerated and Reconciled

Six Days to Work

Well You Will Celebrate

What Think You of Christ

Worthy to Receive

Young People Listen Up